She marries in the mist, in twilight, at sunrise.

During downpours and warm lighting storms. Her style is existential, and as such, transcends convention. She gets lost in museums by day and can be found dancing in gardens by night. My bride knows the world is wide and her eyes are wider. She is open to new experiences and is insatiably curious.

As a licensed makeup/hair artist, my responsibility surpasses just applying your wedding makeup & hair. Giving my clients the best experience on the busiest and sometimes most stressful day for them, I will do whatever I can to make you feel relaxed and at ease. A beautiful experience awaits for you all while creating a flawless look that is the best version of yourself! I genuinely care about my Brides and feel just as excited as they do when that first look happens in the mirror.

There are wedding packages to fit every Bride as well as her wedding party (including mom/family). Bridal packages start at $250, please contact me for a full price guide.